Life Celebration Ideas May Range From A Simple Candlelight Vigil To A Multi-day Celebration Of Re …

Picking the right way to remember a loved one can often be as easy as looking back at his or her life and character. If you are planning a memorial for a loved one, consider a life celebration. Loved ones will celebrate the life of their loved one with friends, family, and even the community. Here are some celebration ideas for a life celebration.

One of the first life celebration ideas is a Candlelight Walk. Arrange for family and friends to gather on a specified date and walk in memory of the deceased. This can be a fun family event that involves all members of the family. Walking in the memory of the deceased can bring peace of mind and comfort to everyone. Consider having a song, poem, or a story being sung during the walk.

Another of the many life celebration ideas is a private viewing of a movie about the life of the deceased. You could have the screening at the funeral home where the service will be held. Movies can include movies of the deceased’s life or movies about his or her favorite subjects. The viewing can be done in private, so the family members of the deceased won’t have to watch the funeral or any other activities while friends and family are gathering to celebrate the life of their loved one. Of course, you could also offer snacks and beverages to those who want to sit by the screening and enjoy the movie.

A third party can organize a family portrait of the deceased. The photographer can take photos of the deceased while he or she was alive and create a collage of pictures after the service. These images can be displayed at the funeral home or displayed in a frame at home to be enjoyed for years. The photography portion of a life celebration can take place several weeks before the burial to be able to capture all the important events of the deceased life.

A number of other celebration ideas include a dance party. You may want to have a party at a local club or location for your family and friends to be able to experience a fun and lively atmosphere. Music is often a big part of this type of celebration. You can also request wedding photographs be taken at the funeral to be included in the life celebration frame.

There are also a number of life celebration ideas that center on themes, such as anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, and other significant occasions. You can incorporate these themes into the life celebration to create the perfect page in a keepsake for your loved ones. If there are particular events you want to commemorate, you could purchase invitations for the various celebrations to be able to include them in the page layout.

In addition to the main page, you could also use individual picture frames for each month of your loved one’s life. For example, the month of January would feature a portrait of the deceased in a jigsaw frame. The month of March would have a frame with a collage of pictures centered on a theme. This way, you have all the important events of your loved one’s life portrayed in an elegant fashion for life celebration ideas.

If you are having trouble coming up with ideas for memorial service life celebration ideas, you may want to consider some of the more traditional ways of celebrating life. Many people enjoy viewing life cards or even a video of their life with others. These types of celebrations are usually best when done with a group of close friends or family members. There are also cards you can purchase that show significant events from each year of someone’s life. This can really help people remember the important times in their life